Monday, 31 March 2008

Spring Is Here!!

Just as the clocks go forward, Spring has arrived. Well it might disappear again but Sundays weather was beautiful. There was a warmth to the sun and the weed seedlings are appearing, so that is a sure sign that things are warming up in the garden.

Sunday was a day of maintance. Cutting the grass for the first time this year and sweeping up leaves dropped by the silver birch. Once everything was tidy, I was able to see the bare bones of the garden and make plans. As this is my first year in this garden, I want to see what plants are already in the garden and to see how the sun makes its way across my garden, during the spring and summer months, so my plans are only in my head for now. I have a sunken patch about 4ft x 4ft, in which I thought would be lovely to have a fire pit, with cushions around the edge, for those balmy summer evenings drinking wine. Lets hope for better weather this summer!

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Shahana said...

good preparation


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