Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Gardening In The Rain

My raspberry canes and strawberry plants arrived last week and have been sitting in a bucket waiting for me to plant them. So Sunday morning I was out in the rain digging a border for my raspberries. It was really miserable and very quiet in the garden with everyone in bed. If only it had been a sunny morning I could have enjoyed the tranquillity, instead of getting drenched. My only comfort, was the thought of yummy fresh raspberries - delish!
I needed to get some compost, so I have just heeled them in for now.

I only have two beds for my vegetables so I was a bit worried about using the space for the strawberries until I discovered in the garden centre this patio strawberry planter. They come in a pack of two and are ideal if space is at a premium. They also make planters for potatoes and vegetables too, so there is no excuse for not having a go at growing your own. I will be planting my strawberries and raspberries up at Easter and giving the garden a general tidy. Lets hope for good weather.

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