Tuesday, 4 March 2008


If you ever need to stay in St Ives, then I can recommend Treliska guest house http://www.treliska.com/ It is modern and stylish and not a wiff of damp or a chink of chintz and the breakfasts are yummy too! And if you are looking for somewhere to eat, can I recommend the Seafood Cafe http://www.seafoodcafe.co.uk/ but you need to book. Its busy even in the off season.

We visited two gardens whilst we were there. Trebah and Heligan. Trebah is on a much smaller scale and maybe for that reason I preferred it. I wanted to get in amongst the jungle plants to photograph them and this was more practicle at Trebah. Trebah is set on a steep slope, with a private beach at the bottom of the slope, with masses of Tree ferns and Bamboo. In the summer you will see Hydrangeas and a sea of Gunneras but for now the Hydrangeas are brown twigs with green buds just opening and the Gunneras are just waking from their Winters sleep and look prehistoric, a photograph just couldn't do the sight justice. I would like to return during the Summer to witness them in their full glory. http://www.trebah.co.uk/

I have just started to edit my photographs but for now, here are a couple taken from Trebah.

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