Sunday, 24 January 2010

Ranunculus to the rescue

What a week I have had. I have a gut complaint, which flared up this week and completely knocked me for six. Thankfully, with the help of the meds, I am feeling tons better and ready for action!
Today we went on the hunt for a greenhouse. We have seen some on the Internet but thought we would see if we could source one locally and I am so glad we went out and about, because I visited a garden centre, which I hadn't been to before.
I have been visiting garden centres since I was a child and just love the thrill of seeing what plants they sell and Stewarts in Christchurch have a fantastic range of plants, I was not disappointed. They had a greenhouse very similar to the ones we were looking at on the net but also a polytunnel, which also looked very promising. Decisions, decisions.................
Inspite of having one of the largest gardens on the estate, it is so lumpy and bumpy and with three very tatty levels at the back, I have so much space but nowhere to grow anything, without lots of hard work first to make it possible. It's funny how we focus on what we don't have, instead of what we have. I am happy for the space but completely daunted at the same time.
At Stewarts I bought some Ranunculus corms but also saw some in flower, which I just couldn't resist. They have the most beautiful petal structure and the colour of these are a fuchsia pink - gorgeous.

In dark and dreary January only the hard hearted could not feel happiness from looking at these scrumptious flowers. They certainly soothed my soul.

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