Sunday, 10 January 2010

Here is the news - It's Winter!

Christmas has come and gone and left us with icy conditions, which amusingly is dominating the news. It's winter for heavens sake! OK so maybe we aren't used to these Arctic like conditions but should we be so surprised?
Having said that though, in Poole, we have had the cold and ice but not a lot of snow, so here with the warmth of the sea and the shelter of the Purbecks, we have escaped the worst of the weather.
I have started a visual diary for 2010. My intention is to take a photograph every day; not so easy as it sounds, considering I usually use my camera everyday. I am going to print the photographs and put them in a book with notes and doodles. The first week has gone well, although I didn't get out to take a photograph on Monday, so I had to use a photograph I took in the studio, a pot of PVA glue!

Below is a roundup of images taken over the Christmas holiday. The decorations, my lovely daughter with the cat on Christmas day, and a chilly walk along the shoreline at Studland. Stay cosy!

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