Monday, 22 February 2010

Chitting and sowing

The mornings are getting lighter (more chance of putting my makeup on in the right place) and I'm driving home from work in the light which is such a relief as I hate tackling the country lanes in the pitch black.
I am eager to get out in the garden and keep wandering down to my veg patch and inspecting the purple sprouting broccoli. Still no sign of flowers but I didn't plant them out till later in the season, so I shouldn't expect yummy broccoli until the beginning of spring. Whilst on one of my inspections I noticed in one of the veg beds some shoots coming up out of the soil. It seems that some of the garlic which I planted out last spring and then disappeared, have decided to have another go and have started to grow again. I will leave them in the ground and see what becomes of them.
It is still a little bit chilly to brave the outside, so I have set to work inside by sowing some chillies and chitting my potatoes.

I have decided to buy a greenhouse and have seen one on the Internet It looks very good value for money and I am very excited about my prospective purchase but I need to clear a space for it first. I have the very spot at the top of the garden but there is an awful overgrown rockery (I use the term very loosely) which needs dismantling first. My plan is to have the space ready by Easter, my favourite bank holiday as for me it signifies the start of spring, I just need to break the news to Andy - wish me luck with that one!


Katy said...

Oooh mine are chitting too!

Kate said...

I've just bought myself a greenhouse too - planning to put it up this weekend :-)

Gigibird said...

I covet a little greenhouse - so I'm excited for you:)
I think the aluminum ones are good value.


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