Sunday, 6 December 2009

A sunny Sunday

This morning when I opened the curtains, I couldn't believe my eyes; blue skies and sunshine and on a Sunday! I decided that today there wasn't going to be any decorating or baking, it was going to be a day spent outside.
I haven't ventured down the garden path for a couple of weeks. The last few weekends have just been so wet and not just light showers either, so today was a perfect day for an inspection, especially after the surprise frost of Thursday night/Friday morning.
The Dahlias had, as anticipated, turned to mush, so I chopped them to the ground and I moved a couple of plants into pots, as there really wasn't the room for them (I always plant too close together, not realising how large things grow - no spacial awareness).
I had a lovely surprise waiting for me in one of my veg plots, a lonely marigold, dancing away in the breeze.


I trimmed a few plants but I like to leave a few twiggy stems over the winter. The Aster was looking particularly splendid in the sunshine.


The sun felt quite warm today, despite the wind, so we went to the beach this afternoon. The wind was far stronger than anticipated, whipping up the sand - bracing one would say!

sand dunes

It's good to get out and feel the wind on your face and breath in the air. I can't believe it's nearly Monday again - oh well, soon be Christmas!

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