Sunday, 13 December 2009

A journey with a view

I work in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the Dorset/Hampshire border and I spend my working day in a room without any windows. Now before you get the violins out, let me tell you that the trade off for this, is my journey to work . It takes me through Wimborne which is a lovely market town and as I drive to work early, the Christmas lights are still on in the market square. Holt which is a picturesque village with thatched cottages around a large green and best of all I drive across Mannington Heath. Mannington Heath is quite high up and the views over the heathland in the winter, are spectacular. Last Friday morning the sight which greeted me as I reached the top of the hill, took my breath away. The sun was a ball of flame and the heathland was covered in frost and mist, with the trees in silhouette against the sun. I am no landscape photographer, so wouldn't even attempt to photograph such a scene. I was listening to Genesis (Peter Gabriel without a doubt the greatest asset they had) and this was a moment in which it felt great to be alive! No photograph could ever capture that!

The sun is so important this time of year and I am drawn towards it at every opportunity. My walk along the leafy lane which takes me to the local shops was bathed in beautiful light.

A few leaves are still bravely clinging the trees and the ruby red hips are like jewels shining in the shade of the trees.

I also love the shape and form of the Ivy with their alien shaped bracts and glossy leaves

Next Sunday I will celebrating the winter solstice with my wonderful friend Lorraine Exley I always look forward to this evening of music and meditation. The room is decorated with candles and foliage. It's a wonderful feeling to welcome the sun back to the northern hemisphere and to look forward to the warmth and light it brings with it.

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