Thursday, 14 August 2008

River Cottage

Last Sunday we went to River Cottage for an open day. We have been to Friday Night at River Cottage, which I throughly recommend, but this was an opportunity for a look around the farm.
River Cottage HQ aka Park Farm, is situated outside Axminster just 1 1/2 hours from Poole.
Unfortunately the weather at the moment isn't very seasonal and as we arrived the heavens opened (again!) but the tractor with its trailer, was on hand to take us down to the farm. Farmhouse
Veg plot
Wood Pile
I absolutely adore the yurt and would love one in my garden. When we went to Friday Night at River Cottage it was December. The evening started off with everyone piled into the Yurt and the wood fire was roaring in the middle. It was so cosy inside with fairy lights twinkling, something I will never forget and the food was amazing. Everyone eats from the same menu and it's a wonderful atmosphere. The great thing is that you eat food that you wouldn't normally try, for instance our starter was called Pigs Head Salad with free range soft boiled eggs. I wasn't very keen on eggs at the time so I was more concerned about the eggs than the pigs head. Of course you didn't see the head, it was just the meat and delicious it was!

Talking of pigs!
These pigs were lovely - behaving just how pigs should, snuffling around in the dirt.
Hopefully foxy loxy doesn't have a head for heights

I had a lovely talk with the gardener and he was very helpful and I was very happy to see a chap making hurdles and got his details as I want some willow hurdles to go around my new veg bed.
There were lots of demonstrations. I loved the preserve making demo by Pam Corbin. She really inspired me to make some jam from my raspberries, which are well on their way to having a second crop. I bought her book, which she signed.
There was also food served. I had some fabulous Cornish Blue Cheese which was really yummy and of course had to try the cider - scrummy and the ice-cream - amazing!!!!
I love HFW and the River Cottage ethos. Growing your own doesn't just taste good but it makes you feel good too!

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Katy said...

So jealous! There's no prizes for guessing my favourite pictures!


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