Sunday, 3 August 2008

Girls Own Store

Last week I posted about the weather and how hot it was and here we are a week later, although not cold, the weather has been positively filthy.

We went camping for a few days this week but unfortunately picked the wrong end of the week to camp. At least we put the tent up in the sunshine but the following evening had to sit in the tent whilst the storm raged outside, with nothing but a flagon of cider and a large packet of crisps for subsistence.

It wasn't all bad though. On the way to the campsite, we stopped off in Bridport, to visit one of my favourite shops, Girls Own Store It really is the most heavenly shop. I purchased a wicker trug so that when I am collecting flowers for the house or vegetables for the kitchen, I have something to pop them into, which is practical and looks lovely. I also bought a flowery apron by Green Gate. The pattern looks like Cath Kidston (the shop sells lots of Cath Kidston stuff too) ooh the shop is definitely worth stopping by and taking a look at if you are anywhere near Bridport.

My garden has taken a bit of a battering during this weeks torrential rain and heavy winds. I had loads of pea pods to pick from my sweet peas but I have still lots of flowers, as you can see in the trug above.
I have sown some more cut and come again lettuce and I have lots of cobs coming on my sweetcorn, so plenty still to look forward to in the veg patch.
Come back sun not only does my sweetcorn need you but I need you too!

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