Thursday, 28 August 2008

A Bit Neglectfull

I have been so busy with photography as of late, that I have neglected my veg patch and my blog. Still I did find some time at the weekend for an inspection, a tidy up and most importantly to pick some produce.

The carrots are coming on a treat. I picked the thinnings and we had them with our chicken for tea on Sunday. The tomatoes are absolutely delicious (I am munching on them as I type) I am going to pickle some of them, as demonstated at River Cottage HQ.

My best friend Linda came to visit me the other weekend.
This is the first time she has seen my new garden and I was interested in what she thought. She has a lovely garden at home and her forte is garden design. She has such a good eye for knowing what looks good where and she came up with some very good ideas for my veg bed mark 2, which I am going to put into action in the Autumn.

Carol Kleins 'Grow Your Own Veg' series is back on the television, in fact we are nearly at the end. I so love that series. The way it is shot as on Super 8 and the music (ELP and Genesis in particular) makes for very enjoyable watching.

Rachel de Thame did a Gardeners' World special last week on whether climate change will have an affect on cottage garden plants. It was a bit of a storm in a tea cup and the conclusion was that the plants will survive. I did enjoy seeing the beautiful chocolate box cottages with their fabulous cottage plants around them. One day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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