Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Greatest Flower Show On Earth

This week I have been transfixed by the RHS Chelsea Flower Show on the BBC. Arguably the worlds premier flower show. Although I do have a soft spot for the RHS show at Hampton Court, where you can purchase the plants you see and where there is a lot more room to wander and get close to the show gardens. As much as I love Chelsea, it is a place to be seen (if that kind of thing matters to you) and a place where 'one will have a gardener to do that sort of thing' kind of person, is seen loitering around the Pimms tent. That said, you cannot get away from the fact that as a gardener the sight of all those blooms takes your breath away.

I am still digesting the show gardens but one of my most favourites so far is the Daylesford Organic Summer Solstice garden. It has a wheat meadow with wild flowers and native trees with a traditionally layed hedge, edging the kitchen garden or garden kitchen as they have called it. The garden kitchen has hurdles marking out the beds, full or organic herbs and vegetables. At the end of the garden is an oak building for preparing the vegetables after picking.

To check out the video for this garden, go to It really is one of the most beautiful vegetable gardens I have ever seen.

My garden is chugging along nicely. I need to earth up my potatoes at the weekend and tie in the sweet peas. Those pesky slugs are wanting to nibble my dahlias, so I have applied some organic slug pellets to the soil. I also have my first strawberries making an appearance, which is very exciting.

Until then I will continue to watch the rest of Chelsea flower show and marvel at how beautiful nature is.

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