Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday in Dorset

The weather this Bank Holiday has been mixed but the combination of sunshine and rain has made the vegetable patch flourish. Yesterday I was thinking how pathetic my climbing french beans looked and then hay presto, this morning they looked positively perky!

On Saturday we went to the Chettle House Craft and Garden Fare. Chettle House is situated in Dorset in the most archetypal Dorset village you could imagine. It's a collection of chocolate box thatched cottages, a tiny village shop with a petrol pump outside and a hotel with a resturant. A sign on a post states to beware of free range children running round. What a lovely sentiment!

This Craft and Garden Fare is packed full of plant stands in the grounds of the beautiful 18th century house. It is held every Whitsun bank holiday and I would recommend anyone who loves plants and garden paraphernalia and lives in Dorset, to pay it a visit.
There were so many plants which I wanted to buy but as I don't have any beds yet I just looked longingly. There were a few stalls with Bearded Irisis on them. A plant which I want in my garden, after seeing them in Monets' garden in France. I didnt want to come away empty handed, so I purchased a scented geranium to put in a wall planter. This variety is called Atar of Rose and when you rub the leaves your fingers smell of geranium essential oil which has calming and relaxing properties.

Ok, I'm off to end my bank holiday with a relaxing rub!!

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