Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Warm Enough For Sweet Peas

With the sun warming the back of my neck, I planted two of my favourite flowers. Sweet Peas and Dahlias.

You cannot beat the sweet scent of Sweet Peas and I have planted two metal wigwams with a mixture of colours. The Dahlia tubers are buried in the ground now that the chance of a hard frost is over. I have chosen really dark purple varieties for cutting and putting in vases indoors. The buds don't open in water, so you need to wait until they are open on the stem before cutting
The garlic is doing well and the onions are starting to grow.

I am desperate to put my potatoes in but they are not chitting well. I have moved them from the summer house and indoors where it is warmer, so hopefully that might spur them on, so that I can plant them this weekend.

My rasperberry canes are putting on leaf which is very exciting. I wanted to edge the border to stop the grass encroaching and to make it look attractive. I love the look of the French poterge. I think the look of a mixture of vegtable and flowers is very romantic and why not make the vegetable garden pretty as well?

I have lots of bricks dotted about the garden, so we made a brick edging for the raspberry bed which looks lovely and we are recycling materials found in the garden, which is good for the environment too.

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