Friday, 20 December 2013

The Winter Garden, The Great British Garden Revival and Solstice Blessings

© Louise Jolley

© Louise Jolley
Buds of Chrysanthamum Anastasia

© Louise Jolley

© Louise Jolley

On the eve of the Winter Solstice, the sun is shining here in Dorset, after an awful week of gales and lashing rain.

I was hoping to get out and tidy up the garden over the Christmas break but unless it dries out a bit, the soggy mess will have to just stay put.

I am really enjoying the BBC series The Great British Garden Revival. There just isn't enough gardening programmes on the television these days and don't get me started on Gardeners' World having to make way for sports - grr makes my blood boil!

Anyway back to The Great British Garden Revival. The cottage garden episode was just fantastic with Carol Klein championing my favourite garden genre and although I don't have any house plants, Tom Hart Dyke was so enthusiastic, I found him really engaging. I love people with an absolute passion for a subject.

My garden has some winter colour, with some geraniums still hanging on in there and strangely my Cirsium, with it's crimson pompom looking splendid like a Christmas bauble, is still in flower.

Wishing you all bright winter blessings for the solstice and love and light for 2014.

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