Thursday, 7 November 2013

Squashes and Succulents Take Shelter on the greenhouse bench

Copyright Louise Jolley


The squashes have now been harvested and are on the greenhouse bench so their skins can cure.
I have had a really good harvest this year, 20 in total. Maybe it was the good weather we had this summer or maybe it was the variety I choose, which is suitable for our climate, I'm not sure but one thing is for sure, they just take up far too much room, so I don't think I'll grow them again next year.

I have brussel sprouts and leeks for Christmas dinner growing and a few spring onions and beetroots, which will need to be harvested soon.

My beautiful succulents have now been moved into the greenhouse, out of the cold and wet our English winter weather gives us. These are succulents left over from my wedding last year. I love their jewel like gloss and the gorgeous shapes and colours of them, I can see myself aquiring more next year.

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