Monday, 20 February 2012

Plant of the Week - Daphne

This week I have chosen the Daphne as my plant of the week, photographed on my visit to Harold Hilliers Arboretum in Hampshire.
It is said that Daphne is not the easiest plant to grow but I have grown it before and it was perfectly happy in semi-shade. I planted it by the front door, so when you entered the house, in the dark dismal days of February, you were hit with its sweet scent.
Daphnes don't like being moved, so if you are not sure if it will be happy where you want to plant it, put it in a pot.


I love the way the buds start out like little cerise hooves and open up to trumpets of white, tinged with pink.
If I had entered this photograph into a competition, it would have been marked down as one of the leaves is imperfect - well you tell me who is in perfect condition this time of year!

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