Monday, 23 January 2012

Plant of the week - Libertia peregrinans

A bit of a mouthful I know & it has taken me about an hour to find out what this plant is called, as I had absolutely no idea and neither can I remember where or from whom it came originally but I absolutely love this plant.

Libertia peregrinans or Wandering Chilian Iris as it's also known, survives perfectly on my sandy soil and on reading its characteristics, is frost tender. I have grown this plant for the past 4 years and it has survived the past two winters, which were pretty cold even here in Dorset.

At the moment it has berries of orange and black but come the spring and summer it has the most delicate white flowers which resemble irises (hence its name).

Although not a big fan of the colour orange, I do love orange in the garden and the sword like leaves of this plant add a zing to the border. At only about a foot high it needs to be in the front and accessible, so you can get down and inspect this little gem at close quarters, to appreciate its beauty.

                                                         Libertia peregrinans in the winter

                                                     Libertia peregrinans in the spring

I have been very happy to learn today that the National Garden Scheme (NGS) are using one of my images in the 2013 edition of The Yellow Book. I am so proud to support this wonderful charity and I am looking forward to attending the press launch in London in March.

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