Monday, 30 January 2012

Plant Of The Week - Hydrangea

For my plant of the week, this week I am again turning towards a plant which I love just as much in flower as I do when it's skeletal winter leaves look bleached in the soft winter light.

Hydrangeas, which I used to think of as a bit twee, are now an absolute favourite of mine (maybe it's an age thing). I have two in my garden, a white one, which is tinged with pink as the season goes on, and a cerise one which I adore.

My hydrangeas are going to feature in my wedding table decorations and as a stalwart of the garden, I know they won't let me down.

                                                        A Skeletal Hydrangea Leaf

1 comment:

premier paving said...

I'm a big hydrangea fan myself, although i'm glutton to the odd rhododedron too...great blog!


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