Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter

The weather has been so mixed this Easter break. Pouring rain on Friday and Saturday, so no gardening but thankfully sunshine on Sunday, so a whole day was spent outside. The main job of the day was clearing the fruit bed, in preparation of the greenhouse foundations. I have moved my strawberries and raspberries into another bed and as I have run out of room for my strawberries, I am going to buy another couple of bags designed for strawberries. Raspberries and strawberries are so prolific. I bought the plants a couple of years ago and they have multiplied beyond belief. I have raspberry suckers coming up all over the place!

Gardeners' World was an hour long this week. It was quite a treat having that extra half an hour. I enjoyed it with the obligatory glass of red. A nice full stop to the end of the week.
Lovely Alys Fowler, from GW, has her own program this week called The Edible Garden. In this 6 part series, she will be growing fruit and veg in her back garden, to avoid buying from the shops. I am really looking forward to watching it. I like her style of gardening, her thriftiness (Geoff H would approve I'm sure) and as growing veg used to be the mans domain, it's nice to see a a strong (personality not brute force) and young, female, championing 'grow your own' - can't wait!

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