Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bright Winter Blessings

Today is the winter solstice. The sun is re-born and we can welcome it back to the northern hemisphere, where it has been greatly missed.

This time of year is not usually my favourite but for the first time in many years, I am welcoming the Yule tide festivities. It's all part of the cycle of the seasons and if you do not enjoy the commercialisation, then give that bit a miss. No more bah humbug from me!

The snow has bought chaos to the UK (although we do seem to thrive on something to moan about in this country) We simply cannot fight nature and the sooner we realise this and work with her instead of against, the easier life will become.

Our solstice celebrations had to be cancelled this year but no matter, we all did our own thing at home - gave thanks for the year that's been and wished for peace and harmony for the year to come.

I have been so busy out of the garden these past few weeks. My new blogsite for my children's photography has been launched www.louisejolleyphotography.com which is rather exciting. I absolutely love taking portraits, so it really is a joy to do.

In the garden, I have dug up the parsnips for Christmas dinner. They aren't very pretty but when removed from the frozen ground, they smelt so sweet, I cannot wait to eat them.

I leave you with a couple of photographs taken in the garden at the weekend and wish you happy gardening in 2011.

                                                              Viburnum tinged with ice

                                                         Hydrangea bract covered in ice

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