Sunday, 15 August 2010

My garden is so damn tasty!

On each trip to the bottom of my garden, I return laden with produce. The raspberry canes are starting to produce luscious red fruits, which I wash and then pop in the freezer until I have enough to make some jam.

My blueberries are an absolute success. They were only planted last year, so this is the first year I am picking them and they are so delicious, I am going to grow lots more next year.

The courgettes are still abundant and I am using them to make courgette fritters, which take minutes to make and are delicious with a chili dipping sauce.

I have just picked my first crop of green beans, some climbing up canes and others clambering up the sweetcorn. I think they are quite late this year, I'm sure I picked them earlier last year and the purple beans, which were planted the same time as the green variety are only just appearing out of the flowers.

Green Beans

As far as flavour is concerned, my greenhouse tomatoes are a triumph. I have never tasted tomatoes so sweet, and delicious from any supermarket.

Tomato Legend

My 3 sisters bed is coming along splendidly. Some of the leaves of the squashes have turned a little yellow. I think this is down to my sandy soil, which is just not holding onto nutrients. I think a little feed of Epsom salts should do the trick, to boost the magnesium levels. That said, I have some sweet squashes appearing, and as my family absolutely love butternut squash, I think they will be looking forward to eating them.

Young butternut squash
In the flower garden, the sunflowers are just starting to make an appearance. These were quite late going into the ground, so I am going to be enjoying them when most peoples have already gone over.

Sunflower bud
My recent birthday has been filled with the joys of gardening. We took a trip to RHS Wisley, which was absolutely gorgeous. I haven't been to Wisley for at least 10 years, so I really enjoyed revisiting the flagship garden of the RHS. The long borders with the Henry Moore sculpture at the top of the hill are amazing. The colours and textures of the plants are wonderful.

A piece of the long border at Wisley

Echinacea at Wisley
My other gardening birthday joys were three gardening books. The lovely Alys Fowlers' book from my sister in law and I went a bit mad for my favourite gardener Carol Klein with her book on propagation, from my sister and Carols book on growing fruit from me!

Is there anything more wonderful than gardening?
A feast for the eye and the tummy!

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