Monday, 16 March 2009

Yellow - The Colour of March

Today I woke up aching after my first proper workout in the garden of the year.
The grass was cut, edges trimmed and the leaves from the Winter drop were sucked up and burnt on a bonfire.
The sun had a warmth to it - Spring is definitely here!!
I took a trip into Bournemouth last week and paid a visit to Wilkinsons. They have a fantastic gardening department and I got all sorts of bargains. I bought a couple of clear plastic covered cloches for £4.99 each. They are going to be excellent for putting on the soil to warm it up before planting, or for keeping off the rain, if it gets really heavy.
I also purchased some lovely gardening gloves, which are too lovely to wear, for a couple of pounds. Their live plants need looking over before purchasing but you can certainly pick up a bargain. I bought two blackberry plants and two blueberry plants for £2 and £3 each.

The garden is coming back to life after its Winter sleep. Buds and shoots are appearing and there is anticipation in the air. My Tete a Tete are heralding the beginning of Spring with their yellow cheerfulness glowing in the sunshine and with the clocks going on an hour in a couple of weeks, that really is something to look forward to.

Tete a Tete

Kerria Buds

Raspberry Shoots

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