Sunday, 6 July 2008

Wild and Windswept

Is it actually July and has a tornado ripped through my garden?

OK, so that is rather an exaggeration but it is damn windy for July, isn't it?

I think my potatoes are nearly ready but after my disastrous garlic, I am a bit reluctant to lift them. After reading and researching, I have come to the conclusion that I pulled my garlic too early. Better luck next year.
I have run out of space for my Butternut Squash. They need far more room than I anticipated. It's funny how I thought my two veg beds were quite big when they were empty but now I have come to realise that they really are too small for the job. I also thought that I would put the Butternut Squash where the potatoes are but my timing is way out.
So to get over this dilema, we have covered the spot where my new veg bed will be with plastic, popped peat free grow bags on the top and planted two squashes in each. It doesn't look very pretty but the plastic will kill the grass underneath, so we can dig it over my easily at the end of the season.
All the other vegetables are growing well. The lettuce is ready to cut. The carrots have had their first thinnings. I hate choosing which one to pull out, how do you choose, apart from the weakest and always feel so guilty.
I have found a local horticultural society, who meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month, which is this coming Tuesday. It's only £3 to join and you get 10% discount at 4 local garden centres, so it has to be worth popping along to check it out. There's not many places I go anymore, where I am the youngest but I bet I am going to be hard pushed to find someone there who is younger than me. I might be pleasantly suprised - we'll see.

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