Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pale Autumn Sky

Not much tidying went on in the garden today. We woke up to drizzly rain and gusting winds but by 11 the sun had come out just long enough to rescue the fire pit and empty it of ash and water and put it to bed for the Winter and pick the last of my raspberries before the heavens opened again.

This Autumn there has been some really beautiful light. As I sat at my dining room table today, I noticed how the window framed a lovely image of shrub from next door which appears to have blossom on it with a large expanse of pale blue sky. I went outside to photograph it and within minutes the light was gone.

This weekend I have been very lucky as my lovely sister in-law Mary has bought me membership to River Cottage, for Christmas and my birthday next year. Also I bought Carol Kleins latest book Cook Your Own Veg. With her lovely recipes, I will be inspired to grow more vegetables and perhaps try different vegetables. I must say my butternut squash have been an absolute success. I will defiantly be growing those again next year.

Gardeners' World is over for another season. I have warmed to Toby and was quite sad when it finished. In my opinion, he is from the same school of gardening as the late Geoff Hamilton, the best presenter GW has ever had. I haven't watched the episode from Carol's garden at Glebe Cottage yet, I have that on my sky box. I am saving that treat for when I need cheering up!

Friday, 21 November 2008

More from Compton Acres

I finally got around to editing the rest of the Compton Acres photographs from last weekend.
I failed to mention, that besides the Italian garden, there is also a Japanese garden, complete with a tea house and pagoda. There are stepping stones to take you across a pond full of gigantic coy carp. I am not keen on big fish, so that freaked me out a little, and I had to be helped across the stepping stones like a small child.

This weekend I plan tidy up the garden and see if there is anything photogenic in the garden, which quite frankly is now looking pretty sorry for itself .

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Compton Acres

I abandoned the chores in my garden today for a touch of the Italian with a trip to Compton Acres.
I love images of gardens with Romanesque balustrades, so armed with my Nikon and Polaroid cameras we headed towards the Italian garden. I had visited the garden many years ago with my friend Jo, so I had a vague recollection of this part of the garden. To enter the garden you go through a grotto which was gently lit with tea lights. It was absolutely magical.

This time of year when the leaves are falling from the trees, gardens have a kind of neglected and abandoned feel about them. This garden certainly evoked those feelings of abandonment and I swore a fairy flew past us, through the trees, although my boyfriend said it was a dragonfly. Are dragonflies still about this time of year? I prefer my romantic notions.

Here are a few images of the garden. Time is short today, so I have only edited a few.

I will edit the others and scan in my Polaroids for the next blog. I only took a few Polaroids as they are quite expensive, it certainly makes you think about the image before you press the button, just like in the good old days of film!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Putting The Garden To Bed pt 1

The last of my carrots have been pulled up and discarded as the frost had got to them. But the raspberries are still going strong. Not enough to make another batch of delicious jam
unfortunately but enough for raspberry and apple crumble. The raspberries in the pots haven't done nearly as well as the raspberries in the ground, so I am going find a new home for them this Autumn. My veg beds are bare, now that the Dahlias have been cut back. I have left the tubers in the ground and covered them with a thick blanket of compost, so I am hoping that they will survive. We are only about a mile from Poole harbour, so I think that will keep us a few degrees warmer than inland and away from the hardest frosts which will kill the tubers.

I am starting the big tidy up but it has been a bit wet this weekend to sweep up the leaves.
My Astrantia Major is still looking absolutely lovely and is positively sparkling in this gorgeous Autumn light. I always have a heavy heart when we change the clocks in October. I hate coming home from work in the dark but on the plus side we do have some beautiful defused light around us.

I can't believe there is only one more episode of Gardeners' World this year, especially as Toby is starting to grow on me. I think it is because he has similar ways to Geoff Hamilton but if he says 'tickle the soil' one more time I think I will change my mind. Although he didn't say it this week, so perhaps he has got my vibes.
Talking of the television. I appeared very briefly on River Cottage a couple of weeks ago. I was very excited and proud as I love Hugh but rather alarmed at the state I was in. If I had known I was going to be on television I would have made more of an effort. God I looked old. So Hugh has done me a big favour. No more sweets and naughty cakes and I have ordered a Wii fit . I know that being on screen supposed to add 10 pounds but really 10 years as well!!!


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